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--- Quote from: Orionblade on November 04, 2009, 09:59:06 PM ---
However, on a more serious note, I was thinking that when TSHTF, one might just need a considerably moist T shirt for a variety of reasons. A vacuum packed pre-moistened T shirt, and a small MRE style heater pack would be a perfect BOB item for those crazy weekends in cancun/myrtle beach.


--- End quote ---
You might be...however, my week in Cancun is still quite hazy, & I'm afraid there might be a couple of things my subconscious has purposely blocked out.

Having said that though, I'd gladly do it again. ;D

Oh, almost forgot.  The shirts are bad ass, wish I had some disposable income.

Sister Wolf:
I hear there's a statue of you there.  ;D


--- Quote from: Sister Wolf on November 04, 2009, 10:03:42 PM ---I hear there's a statue of you there.  ;D

--- End quote --- ass.

Very cool shirt!

One question: Why is the head logo called "Val"?????

maybe he goes on trex...   :P


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