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Sister Wolf:
Okay, here's a sleeve ant:

Sister Wolf:

--- Quote from: fingerlickingood on November 04, 2009, 10:40:00 AM ---Could we put "" on the back?

--- End quote ---

Yes!  I'll do that later on tonight.


Yeah, Snort.

Ant good.

Just to help, imagine a grasshopper (playing a fiddle!) with the Intl redcircle-slash. Round sticker/patch/hat...


Very very cool Sis!


--- Quote from: The Wilderness on November 04, 2009, 05:16:16 PM ---If you want to do a wet version, you are more than welcome to post your pic here.


--- End quote ---

My moobs are unsuitable, but if my upcoming date goes well, I'll have a certified hooter's calendar girl (that likes guns?! wtf?! wewt!?) that will happily wear a white one. Tied off at the waist.

I'll just casually hide a bucket of reasonably warm water nearby while taking the picture...


However, on a more serious note, I was thinking that when TSHTF, one might just need a considerably moist T shirt for a variety of reasons. A vacuum packed pre-moistened T shirt, and a small MRE style heater pack would be a perfect BOB item for those crazy weekends in cancun/myrtle beach.



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