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Ham Radio Digital PSK without a Computer - NUE-PSK


Steve W:

Doing digital ham radio communications is really a lot of fun, and has enough emergency use that even the big agencies (DHS/FEMA..) have programs to use the capabilities in an emergency.

Usual downside is the need to have a separate PC or Laptop running the software.

One very cool alternative is the NUE-PSK Modem.  Stand alone unit.

I've reviewed mine in a series of articles you can access at

You can buy one, catch on on eBay or build your own.



I'll have to put that on my Christmas list.  Thanks for the info.


I got to see one of these in use at field day (used by one of the creators).  They're pretty slick.  Made me put one on my list as well.

I'm trying to learn CW (copy 20wpm) before I buy a digital interface for my radio though.  I don't want to be lazy about it. (though its worth it to note that the NUE-PSK boxen don't do CW (or at least they didn't at field day).  The guy that had his there explained they're going to add CW soon.

Find out for me if they have a audio output for the blind. I have a friend who would like to run Olivia or such for Mars and we need a set up that uses no computer. Something that could copy the audio off the radio and read it to her. Letter by letter if need be. Like the MFJ  Morse code reader.


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