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Anyone else in CO get hit by hail?

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My garden took a pounding last night.  Some of my tomato plants MIGHT survive, but I'm not sure.  Even my apple tree has major limbs down.  I'll try and post some pics later.

That's too bad. I'm sure it would suck to put a lot of time and effort into a garden and have a hailstorm ruin it.

Maybe you can at least get a new roof out of it. We had hail a few months ago and it seems like every house in town is getting a new roof.

Actually, we didn't take any damage to the house at all.  The greenhouse on the other hand.....

a little damage to my garden, too... but luckily my neighborhood missed the most severe stuff that blew out east of CS.

I was very lucky with this round.  I was finishing my evening walk at about 9:45-10:00 and saw the lightning to the north.  Man I'm glad I didn't get caught out in the middle of that one!  Instead, it passed just barely to the east of me (I'm in Golden) and wreaked havoc in Wheatridge and Lakewood.  I have a coworker in Applewood who took the teeth of it.  He just bought a new 50 year warrantied roof 15 months ago, just painted the house last August, and has a redwood deck that he installed two years ago; all are a total loss.  The hail literally stripped the paint off the north and east side of his house, the roof was a total loss, and the deck looks like it was set out on a driving range for a month or two.  He also replaced all the windows when he moved in (about four years now) but that was a blessing.  Many of the neighbors lost north side windows that just shattered.  He only had one crack, but didn't shatter.  It saved him a lot of interior damage.  It always pays to buy quality!


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