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Hi there,

I was wondering if any of you could help my wife and I to find a good place to look for a new home. We currently live in CA and will flee from here in a couple of years.
We are looking for something that can become a Homestead with a couple of acres to it, but not further away than about an hours drive from a larger city (Denver, Springs, Boulder).

We have some family in Teller County, so we thought to start looking in that area. We talked to a Realtor that told us that the only place where we can get ~5acres and a decent house for less than $200K is in Florissant, and he sent me a couple of MLS listings that looked interesting.

I am wondering how the growing season is there, and if it gets so cold that we can't really have any outside animals without forced heating (Chicken, Rabbits ...) does anyone on this board live in that area ?
Also, what other options do we have in CO besides Teller County ?

We are visiting there next month, and we would be thankful if you guys could name some other places than Teller County


Hi Naz. I live about 15 miles further west in Park County. there are some nice parts of Florissant that are more affordable than the rest of Teller County. Our growing season is fairly short(June 1-Sept 1), so a sunroom/greenhouse would be a recommendation. Root crops do best up here. 

It is about an hour's drive(+/-15 min) to Colorado Springs, but only 35-45 min drive to Woodland Park which has 2 national chain grocery stores, Wal-Mart, churches, schools, restaurants, hospital etc. 

We had livestock(chickens, ducks,geese,milk goats, horse, mule, lambs, pigs and a couple of steers) and only once provided any kind of heat when a goat kidded on a night that got to 28 below zero. Just adequate shelter is all you need. The weather here is really quite mild overall with only rare extremes. Even in the coldest winter, the sun intensity will provide passive warming.

You might also want to consider Park County in your search. The northern part would be within your hour's drive requirement from Denver, but I don't know what prices are like.

Hey MightyRunt, thanks for the post - we will definitely look at Park County also.

Check out wunderground and use their trip planner for random 1-2 week periods throughout the year to get an idea of the local climatic range.  It's a great tool no matter where you're looking.

We went to the areas west of Denver and CO Springs, talked to realtors and saw a ton of houses .... didn't plan on buying anything right now, but we were shown one foreclosed house that was everything we ever wanted so we put in a bid on it just to not let it go by.... and Friday I got a message saying that the bank accepted the bid...... holy smokes, it was a welcomed message but a bit unexpected.
So now our plans to fix up the few things that need attention and move out there when the kid leaves for college in 2 years.


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