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what edged weapons do you really need?

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--- Quote from: surfivor on October 01, 2008, 12:44:55 PM ---
 I study kung fu from a really excellent teacher, but it takes a long time to become very advanced. I don't really get to class that much and in the summer, I hardly ever go at all. They have some really cool stick forms as well as sword stuff. I practice some tai chi sword forms I learned there, but even though I am half way through the 6th kung fu form, I am still not far enough advanced for weapons training ... they have spear forms as well.

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My daughter is a Theater Major locally and she is taking a period weapons class and is learning rapier and staff movements at the moment.  Both her and my middle son will be certified "Fight Choreographers" after she gets her certification.  My two sons are both Black Belts in Ta Kwon Do, and my daughter is, well...  she's just female, and naturally comes equipped with sharp fangs, claws and that natural killer instinct.  I didn't feel the need to increase her lethality. 

All kidding aside, theatrical weaponry is a little different than fighting weaponry, but they still teach the correct ways to employ the weapon, you just don't get into the theory and overall applications as much, but you are taught the correct way to use the weapon.  Knowing my daughter, she'd probably just shred the creep's jugular before looking for a stick to beat him with though.  Nice to know she'll know how to handle a staff nontheless (and she has the bruises to prove it too.).

Tim Suggs
Birmingham, AL. USA!


--- Quote from: stevebluff on September 20, 2008, 09:47:47 AM ---In all my GOOD bags I have a machete, extremely useful tool. You can chop with it, hammer, and god forbid better defence than a Swiss army knife!  I also have a leatherman with extra slot in tools.  I also have a wood saw with a handle (looks like a knife not a bow saw).  I keep the saw in the machete sheath.  I have historically used Swiss army knifes before I have my first ever leatherman, never looked back.  I cannot imagine what I cannot do with these three tools. The only other knife I have in some kits is a home made skinning knife (keeps the mess of your leathermans).  One of the issues if yuo do not have a machinated/parang or hatchet, is that you would have problems shelter building.  Thoughts???

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Hmmmm...  Let's see what I can pull out of my old bag of tricks, I'll let the picture do my talking.

L-R:  Boker, M-Tech, Frost, Ontario SPAX, Ontario SP8, KABAR Heavy, Colt Jungle Master

Tim Suggs
Birmingham, AL. USA!

I like Kukri's -----> Have a Himalayan Imports kukri
I like Tomahawks ----  >  Have a Horrigan Tomahawk
I like good fixed blades ----->  Have a Horrigan Military Fighter that went through SERE school with me.
I like Leatherman's ------>  Be careful with the Needlenose variety, I broke mine and they swiftly replaced it.

This covers my needs pretty well.


man another sp-8. tim do you like it. and which one do you use the most.


--- Quote from: wcff3431 on January 21, 2009, 03:08:25 PM ---man another sp-8. tim do you like it. and which one do you use the most.

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I love my SP8!  Fantastic utility tool.  I use it more "in city" than in the woods though.  I usually carry it when I do Birmingham's annual City Stages Music Event (I'm one of the contractors that builds the damn thing every year) and I have used it for prying doors and windows open, hacked through a windshield one night at a car crash, pry up stakes that we use to anchor stuff, split 2x4's to use as stakes, and I even used it as a spatula one night when we BBQ'd for the bums the night before we kick them out of the big city park.  The only shortcoming I have found with the SP8 is, defensively, the lack of a thrusting point leaves me wanting.  BUT, do not let that stop you from thinking of an SP8 "defensively" as you can hack and slash with the best of them.  Here's a few pics of the working edges for your enjoyment...



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