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Identifying fake news stories

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Great List Bill….i love to add thesun 

Mr. Bill:
NYTimes, 6/7/17: How Russian Propaganda Spread From a Parody Website to Fox News

Mr. Bill:

--- Quote from: RitaRose1945 on March 21, 2017, 03:52:19 PM ---...To me, fake news deliberately creates stories out of whole cloth in attempt to spread what they know to be lies.

Biased news will either only report stories that further their agenda, or will spin stories in a way that someone without that same agenda wouldn't even recognize it. ...

--- End quote ---

Add to that, bad news reporting (where they use only unreliable sources, don't check their facts, don't understand the topic well enough to explain it, etc.).

There are blurry lines between these.  But [puts on moderator hat] I'd like to limit this thread, here in the General News board, to how to identify stories that are outright fiction or satire.  I'm snipping out the posts here about political bias, media ownership, etc., and merging them into the Fake News vs Real News topic in the Political Discussion board.

Mr. Bill:
A new variant on fake news: prank news sites, which let anyone fill out a simple template and create a "news" article about anything.  These sites are typically up-front about their fakery, but some people share the prank stories without ever clicking on them to check them out.

Snopes: Prank News: What You Need to Know

--- Quote ---There is not much that differentiates one prank news site from another. They all use similar tactics, publish similar stories, and create nearly identical links. We have built the following running list of prank news web sites that we’ve encountered:

--- End quote ---

NY Times is at it again with yet another fake news story about a climate change report.
The NY Times claims it was leaked a secret climate change report which it published amid fears President Trump would suppress it.

Trouble is, it wasn't leaked and had been online for anyone to see since December.


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