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Chinese Ham Parts - You get what you pay for

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I bought a $10.99 microphone for my Baofeng and the "B" PTT button is now working on and off. It seems not to work after a couple of minutes of use. Then it works again and then not. Mostly not now.

I am not too disappointed because I know these radios and parts are cheap and prone to failure.  The radio has exceeded my expectations with regards to what it transmits and receives. The sound quality appears to be passable to the non-cliquish types that talk back.

I've always known that I cannot trust my life to them. I just hope others know the same. I don't think I would have my primary radio or backup radio be a Baofeng or anything like it. I would not, however, hesitate to have them as tertiary options.

It says it is a Baofeng, but it is not. Maybe I will take it apart and see what is what.

I've helped another HAM wth a defective external microphone for his Baofeng. (we tried mine, problem solved). 2 annectodes are not the same as data, but I'm sure it's pretty common.

It's worth opening it up and trying to fix it.

I agree that these are not "will always work when you need it" kind of radios. But for the price of radio + mic + antenna + battery eliminator (12v) + AA battery pack case, you have something decent that costs the same or less than one extra battery pack for a brand handheld.  :-)

Smurf Hunter:
The accessories are even more flakey than the radios in my experience.

I feel I must speak up and say that over the past 25 plus years ,
I have had more 'brand name' failures than Baofeng (I have ordered and passed on over a dozen UV5R and UV82 radios.
The "US" made radios are no better or worse...Many are made in the same place as Baofeng, look it up.
The accessories are of dubious quality and rarely tested before shipment...and often from other businesses than the manufacturer...
I have taken advantage of the AMAZON and do not order products shipped from China, only the sellers that AMAZON will back up and replace defective products with a smile.

I acknowledge the good points on this thread:
1) Accessories are more prone to issues, especially mine that was not name branded as a Baofeng.
2) Baofeng's radios may or may not be worse than name brand. Only time will tell.
3) For the price, they are probably good backup radios and good starter radios.
4) I should send the POS back to Amazon.


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