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Elecraft: Worth the premium??

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--- Quote from: armymars on February 05, 2015, 09:07:07 AM ---  I just bought a Argonaut V from one of the club members who has 2 KX3s and one of the K3s we used on field day. The Argonaut has a TCXO option in it. It is about 4 times larger than a KX3. A little larger than a IC706MIIG. I've made 15 PSK31 contacts with it in the last two weeks. That's with a very poor antenna. It's rock solid. The K3 has a receiver that hears things my Ten-Tec has trouble with. The difference is small, but it's there. There's something about direct conversion receivers that make a signal come alive. If you want to talk and walk there is a Yahoo Group for that.

--- End quote ---

I have referred to the direct conversion in even my old TenTecs as being REFINED,more signal,less sparkle.

  My first Ten-Tec is a PM 1. I still have it , but need to fix the input coil from the antenna to it.

I run an *OLD* TenTec 544, only CW (I dont even have a mic for it yet) and I love it WAY MORE than the Icom 718 that I used to have (I got hurting for $$ and had to sell it).

I always get good reports on my TT, and sounds good in CW too!  You can tell when someone has a TT, in CW 'rig hr te" and you know the rest is going to be "ntec"!  HA HA!


I have owned several TenTec radios and still have a few ...they all have such 'refined' audio...I swear,you can hear the difference due to the receiver ...less sharp static ,smooth 'round the edges....


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