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MFJ: Is it really Mighty Fine Junk??

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I don't have the personal experience to form a valid opinion, but I keep seeing the "Mighty Fine Junk" epithet tossed around a lot in online reviews so I've shied away from their stuff.  What do you guys think?

Alan Georges:
I've generally had good luck with their stuff.  To date, I've bought two trap dipoles, an antenna analyzer, a ferrite choke balun (the only thing of theirs I've had fail), a tuner, and various other small parts.  It's not slick, it's not over-built, but it is durable enough and functional.  And the price is usually right.

I have bought some junk & some I have still do just fine-.,It used to be people tried to find a car made on Wednesday---(made properly rather than a Monday)(workers all hung over)  or a Friday where (lets get ur done & get out of here ).
I have been given (junk) & with a few hours labor---fix the item & it works for years..
I used to repair microwaves & give them away to the needy if they didn't cost more than $15.oo
I had to quit that since you can buy a new one $39+ not worth my time.
but I have probably 30 of them on pallets out in the rain. guy I buy fire wood from wants to trade Metal/wood...good deal for me--(I think).
I used to get some white Food grade 3 gallon buckets from friend,, got 8 free he cleaned them HP washer.(FREE JUNK)

MFJ had suffered from quality control and questionable solder techniques in the early years ,but NOW ,with the level of product complexity,they have really good workmanship for their production line. Martin F. Jue is raising the bar for many manufacturers.

I'm a believer.  MFJ really is Mighty Fine Junk.  I've given Martin F. Jue many a dollar.


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