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Yaesu FT-450D Transceiver

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Alan Georges:
One more feature I've learned to use and love: the IF notch filter.  It saved my bacon on last Sunday's TAPRN net.  Listening, there was some steady QRM causing a squeal right on top of the net frequency.  The notch filter cleaned it out without affecting the audio, yielding a total saving of at least 400 milligrams of aspirin.


--- Quote from: zanedclark on July 29, 2013, 09:15:42 AM ---I was just over at Universal Radio and see that the 950 is discontinued, replaced by the


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Yeah...just one more reason I'm thinking of buying one sooner rather than later.  The 'replacement' doesn't seem like a 1-1 at all.

Alan Georges:
And after four months of light use, the dreaded main dial encoder fault strikes.  I'd read about this problem at eham (, but figured that after a couple of years Yaesu had it sorted out.  I mean, it's got to be so much cheaper to just build in a slightly better part than do all of this warranty work, right?  Bzzzt! wrong.

It's not a fatal problem, it's just that the main frequency dial doesn't work properly now.  It sort of randomly skips around.  This video ( shows what mine's doing.  Note that the video is two years old – this is a well known problem.  The rest of the radio is still working, including the smaller dial that tunes up and down by 2.5 KHz per click.  So the unit still works, after a fashion, except for not being able to get on frequencies that aren't a multiple of 2.5 Khz.

Evidently it's a straightforward part swap.  Off to see how HRO & Yaesu handle this.

Alan Georges:
Ham Radio Outlet did their part, emailing a sales invoice within minutes of calling them.  This is a big plus for them in my book, given my haphazard record keeping.  Gave them my call sign and boom, they had all of my prior purchase records right up and ready to send.  Yaesu technical is closed on weekends, so the rest will have to wait until Monday.  But things are basically on track.

I won't keep posting the step-by-step here, but will post how things work out in the end -- whenever that is!

Canadian Prepper:
I only recently got my license and am hoping to purchase an HF rig in the upcoming months but hadn't considered the FT450D before this. A quick check of my local HAM radio store reveals that it's on sale for the same price as the 897 that I was eying, and even cheaper with a $70 mail in rebate if purchased before December 31st.  Add the savings of the internal tuner and the greater ease of operation than the menu driven 897 and it might win the contest between the two. OTOH, I may be limited to antenna options by space and may need to rely upon a G5RV that might require a manual tuner. I'm also a bit tight on cash at the moment and may have to start off with an FT8900D for now and get the HF rig later. That could change if some other toys that I plan to get rid of sell by then, but we'll have to see.

I'll certainly be watching this thread with interest. The 897 seems a bit more appealing on account of it's more portable design, but if the 450 can listen in where the 897 might not be able to filter out noise, perhaps it's a better pick. I'll definitely follow the videos and reviews on Youtube and elsewhere!


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