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Yaesu FT-450D Transceiver

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Alan Georges:
Got the rig back today.  All plugged in and tested, and back at 100%.  7 days shipping, 4 days in the shop, 5 days shipping back.  Covered 100% under warrantee with no questions (I think they may have seen this problem before  ::)), though I did have to pay to ship it there.

Hopefully this is the last main dial problem for me.  I didn't remember until after I'd posted that the frequency fine tuning could also be done with the up/down keys on the microphone.  So if the dial goes out again, in a pinch the radio's still completely useable.

I'm still happy with the radio overall, but I'd hoped Yaesu had gotten this long-known problem sorted out.  Evidently not.  Something to consider if you're shopping.

I have had my eye on an FT-450D for quite a while.  Another potential advantage is that it has a really good reputation with the CW crowd.  It includes appropriate filters, keyer features, and even a beacon.  So for anyone interested in CW as an option, it is a strong contender.


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