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I have had a few conversations with some of these people. While well intentioned they are somewhat "YUPPIE"
 But at least we are getting some positive press.

At least it's a step in the right direction.  Unfortunately, with the Boulder types here, you're going to see a good mix of yuppie/liberal/hippies.

Yes it is and we can learn from them and teach them also.

"Yes it is and we can learn from them and teach them also."

To me, this is the kind of attitude that will make true personal independence attractive to Everyone.  Believe what you believe strongly, but also respect the opinions of others.  True Liberals and Hippies have much of the distrust of government, crooked police and a police state that we have also.  One thing we all have in common is a fear of fascism taking over this great nation.  If we can show them how true liberty will help free them from that fascism, we have a real chance of winning the true war we must face - that of winning the HEARTS AND MINDS OF AMERICANS back to FREEDOM, LIBERTY and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. 

Make no mistake about it, in a democracy, Fascism is a result of the Polictical will of the people to be controlled, thinking it makes them safer and more secure. 

KEEP ON KEEPING ON BROTHER!  My ultra-hippie father in law is listening to me all the time about these things - when I never thought he would.  For a guy named Trash, you sure are spouting some good sense. 

Oh and I'm a new guy from Front Range area.  Been going through a true awakening for about two years now.  I've read most everything and now and starting to do some real prepping now. 



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