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Hubby says it is easier to carry a gun and some ammo than a couple of cases of corn.

Guys seem to have the get out of dodge, travel light, survive off the land mentality. Women seem to have the bunker down, stock-up on food mentality. As I tell my husband, that is all fine and dandy, but I want to see you do that with the kids! (3)

What if there's no corn to steal from anyone in a 10-mile radius? And what does he mean by "live off the land"? You can't live on rabbits alone, and even rabbits are going to get mighty scarce after a while. When all these raider sorts are going to be reduced to eating purslane-- assuming they even know what purslane is-- because the rabbits didn't play out very well... well, I think a few of them might see the value of prepping-- far too late, of course.

Hubby and I were talking after the Expo yesterday (his first full-on encounter with prepping type stuff) and he said he'd probably be heavy into the #10 can type of prepping. (we can't necessarily do that as a family due to allergies). He said the convenience factor would have come into play. Don't get me wrong, he's officially okay with the self-sufficient homestead plan that is our plan, but he never would have thought of that as a guy. And this, ladies, is a guy who was raised by his mother and his grandmother and is far more domesticated than most. Hey, he can even sew buttons, okay? So I can very easily see a less-domesticated male turning his nose up at the cans of corn. It doesn't register as easy, quick, or convenient to them.


--- Quote from: dani3077 on September 18, 2011, 07:31:46 AM ---Guys seem to have the get out of dodge, travel light, survive off the land mentality.

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And 90% of the ones I know like this, I give a 6 week or less survivability rate. Depending on their location and time of year.

--- Quote from: dani3077 on September 18, 2011, 07:31:46 AM ---Women seem to have the bunker down, stock-up on food mentality.

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None of the women I know outside of this forum are like this although they 'say' they stock up.. they are really only getting some extra toilet paper and such. I do both. Bug In if I have the choice, plans for Bug Out if I don't have a choice. And I am prepared for both.

I have talked to 4 of my women friends and my brother/his wife. I will talk to no one else about it from now on other than on this forum as I do not want to make myself a target. It would be nice to have a 'survival community' of like minded people close by, but I believe it will not happen for me.


I think it is a knee jerk response sometimes and they just respond with what they know or have seen (movies tv news)  Have a gun it will solve your problems.  Take from the rich give to the poor (me) robin hood mentality.  It seems sometimes for some guys guns are an extension of their "manhood"  Powerful and strong.  To run and hide may be considered a sign of weakness.  For me my first thought goes to get the kids/ or animals out of harms way got to have food water and where could we go to hide.  My thoughts instantly go to within from within the family unit.  Where men
(in my experience) instantly go to the perimeter or out side the family unit for the family unit.  Example we want a better life hubby will think about going out to make more money get a second job.  Me I will think about eating healthier making the home function better bring family members closer. 

I also think that sometimes the knee jerk reaction is a response that does not really include women and children.  Meaning they are thinking about taking from another man.  Not really going to the point of raiding someones house and shooting a woman and her 3 kids and baby point blank just so he can steal their food.  Not to say that some people wouldn't do that.  Thats why we need protection.  I think a majority of people that would do that are to some degree already behaving that way.  If that is the type of people you are talking to then of course you ought not be.  I do understand that extreme circumstances can make any one take extreme measures.

I know my own hubby said with his guns and dads guns we would be ok.  He would hunt and it would be fine.  My response was so do you think others would think of that as well?  Do you think that there truly is enough game around to feed everyone and their families?  If you were to hunt and you were not the only hunter what do you think the odds would be of you being in someone else's crosshairs before they took a shot at that deer.  (hunting "accidents" happen all the time in the best of circumstances)  Same would be going on a raid.  Do you think you would be the only one with a gun?  How much ammo would you have to have and carry with you.  Do you really think you are a good enough shot to take out 2 or more with a single bullet.  And then have enough to take everyone out that has a gun?  Hubby now truly has thought about it and will be the first to say that thinking a gun is going to solve all your problems is BS.  Now when we hear that we laugh and say oh yeah I can see it now you in your suite crawling on the ground in the rain at night up to some house that is well protected dodging bullets breaking down the door shooting  everyone with 1-2 bullets loading up 100 pounds of food and water and slithering away into the night.  But I guess it is doable cuz you will take a break and play video games before you slither away. 

The reality is most people don't realize the brain power planning physical strength and stamina it would truly take to pull off something like that.  Guns are not light now add ammo and the food you plan on carrying.  Average  over weight out of shape joe schmo couch potato can no way pull it off by himself. 

So those that keep responding the same i will kill for food and take yours.  I would say fine I guess I would have to take you at your word we wont be friends any more. Because I can't be friends with someone who says they will kill me & my family given a chance.  I think in most cases it's truly just a way to get you to stop talking about it with them.  Mainly because they are scared lazy irresponsible and just don't want to be bothered after all if you don't think about it or talk about it it can't happen.  That way they can still maintain control which I think the gun and raiding response also implies on some level.  They can have control.


--- Quote from: ladygaura on September 18, 2011, 09:10:32 AM ---What if there's no corn to steal from anyone in a 10-mile radius? And what does he mean by "live off the land"?

--- End quote ---

He just meant it was easier to leave (bug out) with ammo than try and take all of the food I have stockpiled. Living off the land-hunt, fish, edible plants, etc.

I do agree with Roundabouts though when she said they are thinking about taking from another man. They don't consider women and children. I too have brought up "so do you think others would think of that as well' when it comes to hunting and fishing. He then proceeded to tell me all of the edible bugs in the area. OK so your kids wont eat fish NOW and you think they will eat BUGS? Good luck with that one!

Mostly I just roll my eyes at him, wish him luck with it, and continue stockpiling our needs.


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