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I am having the same issues with a good mobile set up! After several discussion board posts I have come down to the ICOM-7000 with the IT-100 tuner and the only thing left is the antenna, which I am still figuring that out. I want to pack it all in a pelican case for travel or emergency purposes. So a power source is next to add in!

Great discussion posts, thank you!

Stay Safe!

I'm a big fan of the buddipole.  For mobile use I think I'll just use hamsticks.

Jack Crabb:
IC-7200 with camouflage paint schemes.

Alan Georges:

--- Quote from: Pukwudji on January 26, 2014, 10:26:30 AM ---Why doesn't Baofeng make an All-Mode/All-Band radio?  Then I could get one for $100.

--- End quote ---
Yes, but the Cray supercomputer you'd need to sort out the menus and program that beast would cost millions!  ;)

More seriously though, have you thought about an FT-450d?  It's fairly compact but is not so afflicted by the "too many menus" problem.  The internal tuner, though limited, is a nice plus too.

The way I see it for mobile bugged-out power, it usually comes down to a choice between "luggable battery & QRP" or "car battery and 100 watts."  I chose the latter, but everyone's got their own set of requirements.

Alan Georges:

--- Quote from: Jack Crabb on January 26, 2014, 06:47:10 PM ---IC-7200 with camouflage paint schemes.

--- End quote ---
Is very cool!  I'm not sure if it's $250 worth of cool, but it is very cool!


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