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Canadian Prepper:
I settled for the FT-987D with an LDG-897D autotuner, powered by an Alinco DM330MV power supply. I just began monitoring with it during the past 8-9 days and made my first contacts on Friday and Saturday.

So far it's been lots of fun monitoring and making my first few contacts on 20 and 40M on an MFJ portable antenna and I'll hopefully figure out how to get the most out of the 75M MFJ Mini-Dipole later this week. Once I add a Signalink USB adapter to connect with all of the PSK activity that I've been monitoring and pick up a deep cycle battery to operate during power outages, I think that I'll have all the gear required to keep me busy for the next couple of months at the very least and keep operating under any emergency conditions that might come my way.

I'll agree that it looks like quite the learning curve to figure out all of the features. Even a fairly experienced salesman took quite some time going through the manual just to find out how to turn down the power so that I could tune the antenna without frying the finals, which at least made me feel less embarrassed about my inability to find it myself. Without doubt I'll also have a few moments of frustration when I try to program the closest UHF/VHF repeaters, but for now I can at least get on the air with little difficulty.

So for now at least I'm a happy with the Yaesu and don't think that I lost out by spending $300 less than for the ICOM 7000. And since I'm using it for a base station, with intentions of using it as a portable in the future, I think that my radio's better setup for that kind of operation.

I finally went for it.  My ft-857d should be here tomorrow.  I spent the weekend making a homebrew Buddipole and a bluetooth CAT adapter..


Alan Georges:
Very cool!  Keep us posted on how getting on the air goes.

   Got the radio today.  It fires up and with my homebrew buddipole I was listing to a guy working cq from Hawaii (I'm in Oregon).  Before I try transmitting I need to get an antenna analyzer and/or tuner.  Watch out, HF.  Here I come.

-Brian in Oregon

Alan Georges:

--- Quote from: Pukwudji on February 10, 2014, 09:23:11 PM ---   Watch out, HF.  Here I come.

--- End quote ---

Very good.  Now get that tuner and get on the air!  Don't neglect 10 meters, it's a nice coast-to-coast band, we might get to talk someday.


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