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As of now there's no problem with family inheritance of firearms, but if that changes I'd certainly look into it.

I'm not sure about my need for streamlining resale of weapons and ammo because I pretty much have a buy and hold policy.  I don't foresee the need to sell or barter short of WROL catastrophe, in which case I'll have more pressing concerns.

If it makes sense from an insurance perspective, that might motivate me, because I'm definitely flying bare for the most part now.

--- Quote from: blacktalon606 on August 16, 2017, 02:36:55 PM ---I truly don't understand the desire to live behind the wire in kalifornistan.

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I didn't either. 

Smurf Hunter:
While my politics towards guns remains firm, I'm not as passionate in the hobby as I once was.  It's an important prep and something I will keep current like anything else, but I can envision a time and/or situation where I might liquidate all but the essential.  Recent events have suggested I might be better positioned with more liquidate assets.


--- Quote from: Smurf Hunter on August 16, 2017, 03:25:55 PM ---Recent events have suggested I might be better positioned with more liquidate assets.

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It rarely makes sense to go into debt, or rob the emergency fund, to buy extra guns and ammo.

I received my last shipment from BulkAmmo direct to my home address today, albeit several days later than scheduled due to weather and X-mas. 

Fortunately, and unanticipated on my part, the online bulk purchase window is not totally closed at BA for us CA buyers, we just have to have the ammo shipped to a licensed dealer and pay them a handling fee.  I did a dry run order tonight on their site and it listed two local dealers who have entered into an agreement with BA to accept shipments on their customers behalf, for a a handling fee of $20 - $25.  Maybe after I've dealt with my existing purchases I'll give it a go and see what the overall cost is.

Weird thing about California and gun laws is that the outside manufacturers wind up doing a lot of legal leg work and figure out how they can continue selling us stuff within the letter of the new laws.  Every single time the market looks for a loophole and manages to keep making money in Cali.

Interesting, isn't it? The free market still finds a way :)


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