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Jetstream HT antenna: glad I bought it

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Like I said, I was a little hesitant but the salesman was very sure of this antenna. When I asked a trusted friend I was told the guy was trustworthy so I did it. I had looked at a Jetstream power supply a while back and couldn't do it with the mix of reviews.

As for the tiger tail I haven't made one so I don't know how well they work. With the original ducky there isn't a good easy way to attach one so I just didn't bother but this has a good spot to attach to and will try it out. On the surface the theory behind the tail makes sense but the real world is never as it seems. The idea is that you end up with a dipole on your ht but with shortened antennas and radio/body/antenna coupling that may not really be the case. It's so quick and easy to do that it's worth tinkering with and if it only helps a little then it goes in the bag of ht go goodies, next to the roll up jpole.

I had a JS switcher, was a damn good power supply.  Wish I had it back... will be getting another!



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