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Jetstream HT antenna: glad I bought it

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We just had a Hamfest here and I got out cheap. 25 bucks for a Jetstream JT776SMA HT antenna. It is advertised for use with 2m, 1.25m and 70cm and comes in a BNC configuration as well. I have it on my Yaesu FT-60R and wow am I happy. My clubs repeater is about 25 miles away from my house through a couple pretty good hills and I could not even key it with my stock ducky. This antenna lets me talk on the same repeater throughout my house. Reports are "perfect readability with a bit of noise underneath, but not annoying." I'll take it. This is a coiled whip not a "thin wire" so hopefully it will put up with some abuse. I was a little hesitant to try Jetstream as they get some bad press from the mainstream community but I figured for 25 bucks, and the TRUSTED salesman's recommendation, I'd  give it a shot. Glad I did because it works well. It also receives the 440 repeaters better than the stock duck as well but no one was on those to report back. I have no idea how it does on 220 since I don't have a radio for it.  It is much longer than the stock duck and is very noticeable on the HT, almost an in your face addition. I don't mind it at all though since it serves it's purpose so well. Any way thought I would pass this along for anyone looking for a good  HT replacement antenna.

PS, I may wire up a "tiger tail" for it and add that to the how to section if it really helps.

AZCeltic formerly occeltic:
Sounds like you found yourself a good deal there. I'm lucky enough to be within 5 miles of an awesome repeater that is one of several operated by the winsystem. Since you have the same HT as I do, I thought I would ask if you have used it yet to dial up a node/reflector?

There is a great source of repeater information available using Google Earth, which allows you to choose to see active repeaters, nodes, and reflectors all around the world. It is just awesome.

The link can be found at


We have a couple repeaters in our area capable but I have not done it yet. There are some cool things that could be done with these systems though and when I get some time I'll play around with it. With the new antenna I have a better shot at getting some of it going. I have a couple radios in the shack but am currently mr mom so I need to be doing things around the house so an ht is a better fit at the moment.

Just curious, what is a "tiger tail"? That's not a term I ever heard while I was an active ham.


--- Quote from: mike77 on January 13, 2011, 01:50:08 PM ---Just curious, what is a "tiger tail"? That's not a term I ever heard while I was an active ham.

--- End quote ---

It's a piece of wire used as a counterpoise.  I've experimented with them and find that they offer minimal improvement.  As to Jetstream, I'd buy MFJ first.  I bought a Jetstream power supply that was supposed to work on 110-240 VAC and let the magic smoke out the first time I plugged in to the UK mains.  Customer service was not impressive.


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