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USCCA gets fined by Washington state for selling "protection plan" insurance


Mr. Bill:
610KONA, 10/21/19: Company selling unauthorized insurance policies in Washington fined $100,000

--- Quote ---...Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler fined Wisconsin-based United States Concealed Carry Association, Inc., for violating Washington state laws by selling unauthorized insurance to cover defense costs for shootings. ...

USCCA bundled the insurance product, called a protection plan, with membership in its association. The protection plan provides payments for criminal defense costs if a member is charged with a crime related to the intentional use of a firearm or other weapon. Washington state law doesn’t allow a person to buy insurance for their own criminal activity.

Additionally, USCCA was not authorized to sell policies in Washington state, and their policies had not been approved by Kreidler’s office. ...

Kriedler’s office says USCCA could sell insurance legally in Washington by changing its policies to not insure criminal activity, and either becoming a registered insurer or by placing insurance business through surplus lines brokers.
--- End quote ---

We are going to require firearm owners to have insurance and simultaneously make it illegal for anyone to sell firearm insurance.  Can you be any more obvious than this?
WA State May Impose Insurance Requirements on Gun Owners

The Washington State Legislature will be reviewing a new bill put forth by Sen. Maralyn Chase (D-Edmonds), who wants to require a person to have liability insurance before he or she can purchase a firearm. Under Senate Bill 5795, every gun purchaser must possess liability insurance that covers the potential use of a firearm for self-defense. Even private sellers would have to make sure their buyers also have insurance. The only exception would be for law enforcement personnel who use firearms as part of their day-to-day duties.,state%20Insurance%20Commissioner%20Mike%20Kreidler.&targetText=But%20the%20firearm%20liability%20plans,to%20a%20request%20for%20comment.
NRA sells insurance to protect 'people who have committed criminal acts,' says WA state

The insurance plans are illegal under Washington state law according to state Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler. He's banning firearm liability plans in Washington. He says "what they are doing is insuring people who have committed criminal acts and Washington state law is very specific as says that's an illegal act to insure a criminal activity."

One glaring issue is it's not criminal activity unless you're found guilty of a crime.


--- Quote from: scoop on October 22, 2019, 08:23:29 AM ---One glaring issue is it's not criminal activity unless you're found guilty of a crime.

--- End quote ---

He claims that all firearms owners, manufacturers, dealers, insurance providers, etc are engaged in a criminal conspiracy.   :tinfoily:

More background on why they are politically targetted:
Delta Defense, LLC Recognized as One of America’s Fastest Growing Companies
USCCA to discontinue insurance for WA State residents.

Lars and Tim Schmidt, President & Founder of US Concealed Carry Association, discuss how Washington is getting in the way of gun owners.


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