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Walmart to stop selling AR, handgun ammo

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David in MN:
Read about it here.

Basically Walmart will stop selling 5.56/.223 and all handgun ammo. It will be a big shift in ammo sales and I know several are trying to launch direct to consumer sales so the ammo retail world might be in for some changes soon.

Why hand many hand guns are .22
Probably few compared to others, but there goes the .22 ammo again.

This will completely backfire on antiguners.  Just like California where people were buying a couple boxes at a time but because of bc's  stocked up on tens of thousands of rounds.  More people will now be buying bulk ammo online. 

I tend to agree.
Save your coins up and buy bulk, instead of the occasional box or 2 when you go shopping.

I bought a 12ga riot gun at a local Walmart back in the late '90s, that was my first centerfire long arm.  By that time I think they were only selling long guns in my area of California, no handguns at all after '94ish, and it wasn't that many years later that they ceased selling all firearms.  I did continue to purchase Winchester White Box there from time to time, but honestly I have not been in a Walmart store for years and have no idea what they did after ammogeddon kicked in.


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