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Testing 2nd Amendment rights by open-carrying rifle into Walmart

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Yes I agree they are reaching.

Is it true an off-duty fireman held this dumbass at gunpoint until police arrived?


--- Quote from: FreeLancer on August 10, 2019, 10:52:21 PM ---Is it true an off-duty fireman held this dumbass at gunpoint until police arrived?

--- End quote ---

Yep.  He was concealed carry. 

Police made interesting comments like the individual was very lucky he wasn't shot and that it would have been reasonable if CCW holder took more aggressive action. They have video footage which shows the tacticool kid in action that they believe shows his purpose was to create a scene.  Also, from reports it appears they have evidence of some sort that he knew the Walmart policy only allows for pistols.  So, that is how the threat charge will be handled.  At very least it is trespassing.

Yep. Good on the fireman. It was outside the building apparently

David in MN:
We write these laws in order to protect the innocent. Plenty of people tote a rifle while out in bear country or could be on a 4 wheeler hunting trip. I've heard of game wardens advising people carry a rifle or shotgun after sightings of dangerous creatures.

I'm the biggest 2nd Amendment guy you'll probably ever meet. But walking into a place of business decked out in riot gear and wielding a rifle is nothing but a stunt to terrorize innocent people going about their day. Funny goof at the gun range but totally unacceptable in public.

I'd like to see some accountability for  the traffic accident. He set those wheels in motion. And he certainly gave no thought that his actions could cause an elderly person to have a heart attack or a young mom to drop a baby. Not hard for me to say he "acted in bad faith". It's a Walmart. Nobody needs that scare while getting milk and eggs for the kids.


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