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Testing 2nd Amendment rights by open-carrying rifle into Walmart

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Apparently he was pissed that Walmart won't sell him ammo until he's 21 so this dumbass decides to pull a boneheaded stunt to illustrate.....who the hell knows what.  Definitely an object lesson in the tendency towards poor judgement in males under age 25. 

10-4 on that.
Stupid stunt
Stupid reason to do it.

what a stupid idiot, he should be glad he was not awarded a darwin award for that act of stupidity.  if cops had showed up he'd have been put down i expect.


--- Quote from: Stwood on August 11, 2019, 09:13:01 AM ---Yep. Good on the fireman. It was outside the building apparently

--- End quote ---

He went into the store and started pushing a cart around filming himself and scowling at everyone else.  Manager pulled fire alarm to get everyone out of his way.  He was originally waiting for police to arrive but got nervou seeing store emptying and tried to escape through an emergency exit.  That is when CCW holder stopped him which probably saved his life.

Our latest KY3 Springfield news reported he was mad because he had to be 21 to buy ammo there.


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