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A bunch of new firearms laws take effect in Washington state in July 2019


Mr. Bill:
Seattle Times, 6/30/19: New Washington gun regulations become law, as resistance hangs over Initiative 1639

--- Quote ---...State lawmakers this year passed at least 10 firearms-related bills. They include a law banning undetectable “ghost guns” that takes effect Monday, as well as legislation intended to keep weapons out of the hands of domestic abusers and people with mental health issues and a history of violence.

One component of I-1639 raised the legal purchase age for semiautomatic rifles to 21, which became law in January. On Monday, other parts of the law, including enhanced background checks for buyers of semiautomatic rifles and a safe gun-storage provision, take effect. ...

Gun-rights advocates — including the Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation — have filed a legal challenge against the initiative’s age-restriction for semiautomatic rifles. ...

Under SB 5025, which takes effect July 28, if a court finds that such a person has a history of violence, that person is barred from having a gun until the court allows it. ...

House Bill 1786 ... allows law-enforcement officers to take possession of a person’s weapons while serving certain types of protection orders that include a firearms-surrender provision.

...House Bill 1225, allows law-enforcement officers responding to domestic violence calls in some instances to temporarily seize a person’s firearms if there was probable cause to believe a crime had been committed. ...

House Bill 1465 changes state law, starting Monday, so conceal-carry license holders can’t take home a handgun on the day of purchase. But the legislation would bring back those same-day purchases in June 2022, or six months after Washington has moved to a centralized background-check system.
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