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--- Quote from: mountainmoma on April 15, 2018, 08:34:21 PM ---I do alright shooting, but some things keep coming up that I need to work on

First, is by the end of training today, I was back to Limp wristing. SO, the question is, how to avoid that ? If I am not strong enough, what can be done off the range to make my wrists or strength there better ? Certainly, it has made me proficient at clearing stovepipe, but I think I've got that down.

With an EMPTY GUN,use the gun to support a weight  with a strap over the end of the muzzle,this will aide grip and proper follow thru to decrease the anticipation and flinching ,don't start too heavy and slowly your ability to hold weight for extended times will greatly aide in maintaining sight stability and a slow,steady pull of the trigger will begin to show smaller groups and less flinch

I have an anticipation/flinch, this gets better with the day, after a few dozen rounds, so I think just practice will do there.

I have read some stuff on thumbs, but it seems I dont have alot of room for my left thumb. If it was over my right thumb, it would get cut by the slide. If Im not careful, the left hand position will be too rotated out and go towards teacupping, not near all the way, but towards that.

I have always just pressed the left thumb against the left index finger to be clear the weapon yet add to the pressure applied by the left hand for solid control. When you beging the grip and weight exercise ,your hands may 'feel the burn' as you strengthen muscles,this is normal

Just seems like I realy do not have a natural feel for where I want everything, so I have varience, and I know I should have one consistent way I hold the gun, nd use the sights.

--- End quote ---

It can take years to feel 'natural' with a handgun,but with added weight and the grip required to control the added will speed the improvement Also practice moving from target to target with the extra grip and weight and your control muscles will gain swiftly

  One old way to make your grip stronger is to wing up a rope with a weight on the end. You could do this siting down at arms length with your wrists over the back of a chair to save your neck and shoulders.
  Winding up just 18" with a weight on the end two or three times a day will increase strength in your wrists.
  Last is how you hold your gun. When you watch TV and see the bad guys hold their guns on there side it's not just for show. The Israelis came up with this for small women and large kids. It locks the wrists so you can't limp wrist the gun. Just think, bad guys are using a gun hold meant for kids and small woman. Grin   

Thanks Carl and ArmyMars, those 2 ideas are doable and should help, and also the tennis ball for grip strength


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