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Why shoud I keep my NRA membership?

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I dont see where the NRA is spending my money in my interest. Backing Harry Ried, this ammo ban coming out of nowhere, not sponsoring or promoting (as far as I can see) actual activism such as open carrying. In addition to constantly telling me OBAMAS GONNA GET YUR GUNS and begging for more money everytime I open the mail box.

Maybe Im just in a bad mood but this lifetime membership is probably going away tonight.

Well there are doing some good things in Pennsylvania by suing municipalities that ignore the state's preemption laws:

Smurf Hunter:
My private range requires NRA membership as a pre-requisite.  I think it has something to do with underwriting the club's insurance.
I'm generally very supportive of their support of shooting sports, and participate in some of their hosted clinics.

Politically I am more dismayed. I've begged and pleaded for the NRA to get involved with recent issues at our state level, but they do next to nothing.
Seems they prefer to make a big show at the national level - but in truth the real threats to our gun rights are at the local level.

Neither Obama, or congress will take away our guns - that'll happen one city council meeting at a time...

Alpha Mike:
If you have a lifetime membership. it really is not costing you anything (except for the extra junk mail). 
The NRA does tend to "pick" it's fights.  For a while it pretty much abandoned California, but now that we have won some significant lawsuits against the .GOV, they are back supporting the efforts of the locals.

just my $.02


I discarded my membership a few years ago and never looked back.  Just another lobbyist pleading for more money to less with than I accomplish in a month.  They have plenty of money.  They don't need yours.  Maybe when they run out they'll realize that schmoozing people at black tie, $600 dollar a plate dinners, while they auction off multi-thousand dollar guns to their best pals is not the way to preserve our Constitutional Rights.  Then again......


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