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how to store potatoes in the heat

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I kept them 3 months before canning them. The shavings kept them separated and probably added to the coolers insulation. If you could kept the cooler and potatoes inside that would probably be better than the garage.

Perhaps you can make an above ground root celler or walk in cooler.


--- Quote from: nkawtg on June 18, 2020, 11:06:09 AM ---Perhaps you can make an above ground root celler or walk in cooler.

--- End quote ---

for sure, if I had a small airconditioner in the pantry/laundry room, things like the potatoes could be stored there.  And there is an outerwall to install such a thing.

It is a good idea

Even better could be getting a hybrid heat pump electric water heater, which would also cool the space, maybe, but not if I repair the solar hot water panels, in which case back up heater would not run during summer.... But, for other locations, a heat pump water heater with ducted intake/outake can help moderate temperatures in these areas

Right now, either is too much $$, but for the future, good ideas.  And, also installing ceiling insulation and a solid core door between it and the garage would also keep it alot cooler.... right now it is exposed studs and the very hot roll roofing roof above it.  We did take out the skylight ( !) when the roofing was replaced a few years ago.  That was a first step to keeping heat out


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