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Building the Remington Home Defense Shotgun


David in MN:
If you're on the Mossberg side I think it's great. I grew up with the Remington so I use it because of muscle memory. I actually think Mossbergs are better built. That said:

Today I'm doing my Remington 870 Home Defense gun. You might not agree. I'm just telling what I have done. I'm of the firm belief that if you have no failures you haven't run a gun hard enough.

Starting with the 870 "Home Defense"

Now we need to upgrade... Oh I know it's never been a problem but you've never run it hard enough. I have had 2 failures with this gun. One was a failure to stay locked on close which was fixed with an aftermarket all-metal police style trigger group which I can't find to link right now on Brownells...

The other failure was due to the plastic follower which gummed up in the mag extension. So I upgraded the follower.

The other upgrade is the necessary side saddle. Mine is 4 and if yours is 6 perfect. I like lighter long guns. I have 6+1 in the gun and 4 on the saddle. For me that means 6+1 #4 buck, 2 #00 buck oriented down and 2 slugs oriented up. I've donne reload drills to make this second nature.

The other upgrade is the California Competition speed stripper:

It works quick. I love that you can clip this to anything and deploy it quick. I have a 6+1 gun with 4 in the sidesaddle and 4 off my waist. You read right; I have a bump in the night 15 round shotgun with different loads on it.

Think about this build. I realize it's in the $700 range to get it all done. But you have the ultimate (my opinion) short range defensive tool.

David in MN:
Found the "police trigger plate". Don't know why it didn't show up yesterday...

I also forgot to mention a sling. Throw whatever sling works for you on it.


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