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Falling Out of Love With the AR

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  Endfield rifles have a very smooth bolt throw. When you open the bolt it would jump back an inch on it's own. There was very little force in opening the bolt to. You could work the bolt so fast it would sound like an automatic. Of course it was not that quick.
  I now have MD so an easy bolt open and throw is important. On some guns I can barley open the bolt. Also the Endfield  weights over 8lbs.

so, that means that cocking requires some force too, and by the momentum of pushing the bolt back forward, you easier counteract it...hmm, nice...

OT  When I was ten I could work the bolt on my dad's Endfield. So you get the idea.

David in MN:
Wow. This thread was prophetic. Can you think of one time you'd rather have a Mosin Nagant than an AR-15? How about when a mama and cub bears are spotted in the backyard of your neighbor's cabin?

Yeah, we had a neighbor call and tell us she had seen bear 50 yards from our front door on the lake. And holy crap it took 3 minutes to put the modern rifles away and all the sudden the neighborhood was awash in .30-06, .45-70, .300 Winmag, 7.62x54R, magnums of every load, and my beloved .338 Lapua. We kind of let the kids roam free at the cabin and know everyone up there so the dads were basically digging out the biggest guns they could find because... Bear.

No issues as of yet other than the neighbor's mauled chickens and we're keeping the kids on a tighter leash which sucks because they love roaming and exploring but we want them safe.

It is a little eye opening to feel under-gunned with a .308. Of course I have the .338 and a pump shotgun that can be loaded with slugs so if something happened (God forbid) I have the tools to deal with it. Amazing how some big bore rifles just got cool again.

The thing that’s great about an AR is how modular it is. You can literally build it for any situation. Need a shorty? Buy a lower for $70 and register it as a pistol, throw an 11.5 inch upper on it and some 75 gr gold dots in it and you have a formidable weapon out to 300 yards. Need to shoot longer distances, pull the upper off and put a 6.5 Grendel upper or .224 V upper on it and you’re good for upwards on 1k yards.

Ideally if I lived in a free state, I’d run a suppressed AR pistol 99% of the time. If the .300 Blk wasn’t so expensive I’d chose that caliber, it’s been used in combat very effectively. Put an aimpoint M5 or an Eotech EXPS 3 and you have a go to gun for just about any situation. If I needed to reach out further, I’ll use my custom Tikka T3 6.5 CM, I’ve hit steel out to 1150 yards with it.

Ultimately, use what you’re most comfortable with after all, it’s a tool. I have a Remington 870 Tactical (holds 7 rounds) with a Mesa tactical side saddle with another 6 rounds of slug and 00 that stays in the bedroom. I also have a 90 lbs psycho (Malinois) that roams the house All the time. I pray I never need any of it and the world rights itself.


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