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The Benefits, and Downfalls of Vacuum Packing

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I've had my FoodSaver since 2004 and it's still working great. I've only had a few fails. However, I am thinking about buying a backup unit since it's so old. I also have a vacuum canner for dry canning in jars. So far, so good.

Great post!

I tried to sell my husband on this idea tonight! Didn't gain much headway considering our last sealer lasted 8 years until the box it was in fell off the back of the pickup when we moved 3 years ago. The current one is doing pretty well and it's 3 years old. I actually haven't been using it much lately as we moved a month ago, sold the 15 year old freezer, and ate almost all our frozen food before moving. Need to buy a new freezer and then the sealer will start getting a solid workout again. Living out of just the small freezer on our small fridge isn't making me very happy!

Richard (richard):
I would imagine that little diaphragm inside the Foodsaver unit, or the motor, is going to wear out but mine has not. I had one that did slowly lose vacuuming power and so I bought another one. Before throwing out the old one I took it apart and found that food had solidified in the tube. I blew it out with my air compressor and it popped across the room. I now have two very good functioning machines. The "Freeze-and-steam" bags did not seal well at all for me. They do however have an expanding bottom that if the regular pint and quart sized bags had you could easily increase capacity considerably.

Oh! The other thing you can do with your vacmaster is make your own "mre's"

You buy the retort pouches. you know, shiny pouch looks like a mylar bag. You can buy tuna fish in a pouch these days, that's a retort pouch. So let's say you make chili but you don't want to deal with all those glass jars and can it. You put the chili in the retort pouches and then you do have to process them in the pressure canner. But now instead of breakable jars, you have MRE's!

Oh man! and my food saver is giving me issues and I wonder if I can convince my husband now! LOL

correction to my earlier comment. You cannot seal retort pouches with the Vacmaster line.


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