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I do not forsee any new members from my country any time soon, but i am starting this thread nevertheless.

Casual browsers from Greece, do drop by to say hi!

Hi!  I follow you on FB but don't understand lots of what you write!   ;)

hi C! I recognized the picture.

I feel you about the language issue. And google translate does not help much...
For a while i made the Fb announcements in both languages but I kind forgot...
Thanks for bringing it up, I will see to it.
But usually my postings are announcementa for the blog articles

The latest posted pictures were for today's walk in our mountain...Did a 1-hour route, then sat to have a hot coffee.
I had a Fail with the fire I tried to make, and I ended up driking cold instant coffe trying to revive the fire..

I ahd a tip by a forum meber thta there are 2 more greeks on board!

if thsi is so, please come out!


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