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Ik kom in Den Haag in maart en vroeg me af of er luisteraars uit Nederland.
Ik spreek Engels, Duits en Spaans.
Ik hoopte te leren sommige Nederlandse terwijl ik er ben.

Tommy Jefferson:
 :-\  I thought this thread was about,_Texas

Friend of mine runs a Gracie jiu-jitsu school there:

Yeah, with town names like Palestine, Paris, Nederland, Iraan, we Texan's can go all over the world by car.  ;)
I'm going to become DutchSquirrel (NederlandseEekhoorn) next month.
Luckily it will only be a temporary thing.
I can't leave Texas for long without severe withdrawl symptoms.


--- Quote from: Tommy Jefferson on February 24, 2009, 08:47:59 AM --- :-\  I thought this thread was about,_Texas

--- End quote ---

LOL me too....I'm from that general area so thought I stumbled upon back-home folks!!

You may now refer to me as NederlandseEekhoorn:

Fun place to be, but I normally carry concealed, so when I travel I always feel strange.
I've been carrying my camera where I normally carry so I at least feel a bulge where I've grown accustomed to. ;)


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