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"I usually get about $1,000 [of groceries] for $9."

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--- Quote ---Kernersville -- When Theresa Gibson goes grocery shopping, she needs a buggy and her binder full of coupons.

"All the stores know me," said Gibson, who buys multiple newspapers on every Wednesday and Sunday for the coupons. "I just get what I have coupons for and nothing else."

To stay organized, Gibson keeps her coupons in a binder using plastic pages designed to hold baseball cards. She clips every coupon in the newspaper and divides them according to store departments.

"On Wednesday morning I get my paper, sit on the floor with my coffee and look at all the ads and what's on sale," she said. "If I have a coupon for it, I put it in a baggie with that stores name, and I just go from one store to the next only getting what I have coupons for."

Gibson prefers to shop at stores like Harris Teeter, which doubles coupons daily. She says you get the best bargains when you combine coupons with in-store sales. "I usually get $50 [of groceries] for like $6," she said. And when Harris Teeter triples coupons, Gibson's savings are astounding. "I usually get about $1,000 [of groceries] for $9."

In order to take full advantage of coupons and sales, Gibson often buys in bulk. "I have freezers at home that are packed with food," she said. "I'll buy 10 of something if it's cheap enough."

Gibson estimates she saves $6,000 a year using coupons. And she says it's not unusual for her to have a negative balance at the register. She teaches a coupon class at Triad Baptist Church in Kernersville. For more information, contact the church at 336-996-7573.

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and thlink to the page
when they told it as a story on the late night news i had to watch it

This is a full time job!

My wife does this, but not to this extreme.  She uses a website call The Grocery Game . com or something similar.  The principle is that grocery stores have sales in cycles(11 or 13 weeks) and if you only buy items of a certain type when the sale cycle has them on sale, you can combine those with coupons you can save big.  The only catch is you have to stock up on items when they are on sale so you never buy out of cycle. 

My wife spends about 2 hours planning and cutting coupons a week for this.  When shopping she usually goes to 2 or 3 stores a week.  Luckily all the stores she goes to are pretty close together.  When we lived in Utah she would save about 50% - 60% a week.  Here in Georgia, she is only saving about 40% because we are limited in our store selection and in the time she can spend working on it.  We do not have an extra freezer or she could have saved more. 

That makes grocery shopping to technical for us old timers. We go  front door grocery shopping once a month en bulk and buy all of the essentials for the 5 of us humans plus the extended family (dog, cats, tropical birds). At a cost of about 300-400 per month to feed us all. Our saving grace is the back door shopping that I do every few days behind the grocery store, health food store, pet food store and neighborhood move outs etc. That practice alone saves us about 400 -500 dollars a month. Plus you never know what else you will find on the scavenging expeditions.
You see my family is freegan by choice.

The whole coupon game puts my knickers in a twist.  You know  !@#$  well that if they can sell something for a dollar off with a coupon, they could do the same  !@#$  thing without a coupon!  It makes me nuts.


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