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Would you like to become a Rifleman and live in NC?

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NC Rifleman:
Would you like to learn to become a rifleman and live in NC or close to it?

Glad you asked. 

I am the state coordinator for RWVA's Appleseed project.  We are an all volunteer group of individuals working to change this nation back to a nation of riflemen.  If you are interested in becoming one I would be more then willing to help you. 

Right now North Carolina has 1 location that holds Appleseed shoots with 1 more location in the works as we speak.  The one in the works in north of Raleigh near the VA border.  that still leave a large part of NC without a shoot close by.  We would love to expand to an area near you.  We need your help if this is to happen. 

Do you have a range that you are apart of?  Do you have private property that you could set up a 25 yard range on?  If so please contact me about getting RWVA instructors to do an Appleseed near you. 

Below is the current schedule for North Carolina

RBC stands for Rifleman's Boot Camp

Jan 3-4 Appleseed Ramseur

Feb 22-27 Winter RBC Ramseur, NC
Feb 28-Mar 1 Appleseed Ramseur, NC

April 18-19 Appleseed Ramseur, NC

May 17-22 Spring RBC Ramseur
May 23-24 (25 Memorial Day) Ramseur, NC

June 28'th-July 3 Summer RBC Ramseur, NC
July 4-5 Appleseed Ramseur, NC

August 31-September 4 Fall RBC Ramseur, NC
Sept 5-6 (7 Labor Day) Appleseed Ramseur, NC

Sept 19-20 Constitution Day (17th) Ramseur, NC

Dec 12-13 Bill of Rights Day (15th) Ramseur, NC

For more information you can go to or feel free to ask me.

Good news to see so many events added (as you had promised).

I am very interested in attending in February if at all possible.

Only issue is I am adopting a new child around the beginning of February (so I might have to wait).

But can you clarify the difference between Boot Camp and the Appleseed weekend?  Is it just time?  Are both appropriate for beginners?  If I went to Boot Camp, would I still want to stay for the weekend event?

I recently bought a 10/22 (as yet unfired).  What would be a good second rifle to get?

This looks pretty awesome.

NC Rifleman:
For information about the bootcamp check out this page on the RWVA website here.  Boot Camps

I have a 10/22 and its a good little rifle.  The first thing I recommend is getting used to it and making a few changes to it.  Here is a good post about making these changes. 

Its hard to answer the question "What would be a good second rifle to get?"  It all depends on what you want to use it for, what your budget is etc...

Any other questions about this please let me know.

I would be interested in going to one of these. I would have to check about costs and stuff like that. It seems like a pretty good program. I am glad to see that there are more on the schedule for NC than was posted before. That way I will have more of a chance to go to one of them. Thanks for the info Rifleman!

NC Rifleman:
The cost is just one more reason not to miss getting involved with Appleseed.  The cost is $80 for two days of instruction.  If you pre-register then they take $10 off the cost.  So really only $70.  A steal!  If that was not enough Women, Under 21yrs, and active Military, Guard or Reserve shoot free. Woman shot for free in 2008 and we are thinking about the same thing for 2009.  Stay tuned.

The RWVA website has all the information you need.  Just check it out.


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