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walgreens as a start for food storage


I have been noticing the coupons in the last two walgreens circular.  A fair amount of "staples"  that are pretty good priced.  Regular sized items that can store easily and you probably use several of them at home already.

Examples for this week:

32 oz bottle of USA honey  3.99
5 lb bag of sugar 1.99
canned pumpkin   .99
canned apple or cherry pie filling      1.50

last week tuna was .69 a SIX oz can with the coupon.

Just wanted to pass this on to all.  Might want to check out their circular tomorrow morning or go to the website and look at online sales ad.

Hello lonestar!
I have a new Walgreens down the street and will check it out tomorrow and will post any other great deals.

If you watch their website, they often run a 2 day only web coupon, usually $5 off $25.

Not only that but most people dont think of them in an emergency situation. A grocery store will have a line around the block but Walgreens wont have a soul.


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