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Title: Australian like minded wanted
Post by: dagyboy on July 21, 2015, 06:03:04 PM
hey one and all. I live on 40 acres in Queensland Australia out past a place called Kingaroy. we are also believers in the bible but not to the extreme of being "religious" and without love towards others. our dream or vision is to leave a legacy of sorts for those that will be left behind after the rapture has taken place. much has been done here, but much more still needs doing. I am looking for like minded fellow "believers" that have the same ideals or dream of leaving such a legacy behind to those that God will lead to this place of refuge especially for those that live here in Queensland Australia. those interested please get in touch with kindest regards steve
Title: Re: Australian like minded wanted
Post by: Tractor on September 27, 2015, 05:25:29 PM
Howdy Dagyboy, greetings from North NSW. We are also a non-religious, Bible-believing Christian family and heed the warnings of the Word and prepare for the things will likely soon happen. Even the things that are happening now... And I think your vision is a great one and I am keen to get to know more like-minded people such as yourself. I have grown up in a farming community and have worked in horticulture for about 9 years and some form of agriculture for 3. We have 400 odd acres of land on which we are growing some of our own food and constantly improving our food production and systems independence and intend to become as independent as we can. We also have a small network of fellow Christians who feel like us and have knowledge in a range of useful skills. So if I can offer any knowledge or advice, as our climates shouldn't be TOO different (you would be dryer though), feel free to ask or even just respond for a chat. I'd love to hear about your place and get to know another like-minded friend. Thanks for the post, Jay.