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Started my first whatever it is

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Thanks all.  Its keeping positive preassure with the balloon.  Meaning it is inflated to tennis ball size and stable but I can smell the ferment within the closet its in (steady about 72F).  Wondering if i should have put in half a cup of raisins for yeast nutrient? 

plan going forward:
1. Wait
2. Wait some more
3. decant off the lees to a pitcher.
4. stir gently to degas
5. taste
6. bottle in 1L fliptop bottles with balloon covers (nervous about a secondary fermentation, not trying to make it bubbly this time)
7. Wait
8. Close tops and age as long as I can stand it

What about that looks wrong to you?

Next time you make it, toss in the raisins, but it won't help this batch. 

I would skip decanting it into a pitcher.  I'd go directly into the bottles.  I also wouldn't worry about degassing it.  It will degas on its own in the bottle during the secondary ferment.  You'll probably leave it in secondary at least a month, that's plenty of time for it to degas on its own, plus you don't risk oxidation.


--- Quote from: fritz_monroe on July 20, 2019, 09:45:14 AM ---That was probably oxidation that gave it the weird taste.

--- End quote ---
thats what i figured....

So I cold crashed my 1st 3 5L experiments for the last 48 hours and just racked them into secondary bottles.  Here are my notes so far.
 #1: 2.2L apple juice, 1L sour cherry juice, 4oz English breakfast tea, 1tbsp bread yeast in .5C apple juice, 1kg honey.  Started 19 July and racked to secondary 9 Aug after 48 hour cold crash. 
Tasting notes: Slightly cloudy, semi-sweet, slightly sharp medicinal notes.  Faint apple nose.  No off flavors. Yield 4L

#2: 3L white grape juice, 1L apple juice, 1C sugar, 2tbsp white raisens, .5 packet Red Star Cotes de Blanc yeast. Started 27 July racked to secondary 9 Aug.
Tasting notes: Golden color.  Clearest of the 3.  Mild apple nose.  Less complex palatte than #3. Tart/sour and a little thin.  Yield 4.5L

#3: 3L pear, 1L Apple, 1C sugar, 2tbsp white raisans, .5 packet Red Star Cotes de Blanc yeast.  Started 27 July racked to secondary 9 Aug.
Tasting notes: Very sour/tart.  Semi cloudy.  Beer on the nose.  Apple flavor.  Straw yellow color.

I think all will benefit from aging, but none have off flavors and all are "smooth" to my palatte.  My secondaries are all air-tight so im watching them for a few hours as they warm to make sure i havent made bombs

let them age for a month then test, the age and test, then age more and test..


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