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Sleeping bag fill/insulation question

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last season i bought me a budget sleeping bag.
the label says "300gr/m2 hollowfibre" fill. that is 9 ounces per square yard.
How does this compare to the other synthetic fills?
(the bag's rating is -8C and for the looks of it this is the extreme value)

Based on the temp rating, it is a 4-season bag -- good for frost and snow.

Have you done an online comparison?

I did....
but I did not find any basics articles on the fill. None on the google hits mentioned fill.
Same thing with the sleeping bags specs on Only time i found fill weight was on a extreme cold bag, that had 800g/m2 fill.
Nothing in the Mamut, marmot, big agnes and north face sites.

I'm actually not personally a fan of camping... so while we have this equipment, it is really my husband's purview. And... we don't have to worry about extreme conditions where we live, so...

Greekman, that bag is not a 4 season bag. Rating given on this type of equipment is untrustworthy at best. So many variables not taken into account like wind, humidity, whether you normally sleep warm or cold blooded and so on. Try the bag out at home and see how that does. At best it could be a 3 season bag but I doubt it. Sounds like a summer bag with occasional cool periods. If your not sure try it out at home where you can without taking a huge risk. Happy camping.


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