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Anyone have some good fall fishing tips?

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This is the first time since living up north I've really tried cold weather fishing. I'm going for pan and cats.

I'm learning that it's far different than my normal warm weather trips. I can't seem to catch much of anything.

Any tips or tricks for getting bites on those cold fall days?

Some of the best people you can talk to are the bait and tackle stores where you live or are going to fish. Usually you'll have to pack a lunch because I know they love to talk all about everything and anything related to fishing. If possible drop a little cash at their store for some of the recommended lures and stuff. They will appreciate the money spent and will be more open to you when you come back next time.

I know we have trout runs in the fall and winter in our rivers and the guys is the shops love talking about their time out in the water.

Just don't ask them for their "spot". They wont give that info up.

I would, but the big box stores ran them out of business, and the guys at Walmart and Fleet Farm are about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

It's very sad, tbh.

Fish are much slower this time of year.   Most panfish (at least in my area) shut off for the most part.   Live bait would work, getting it right in front of their noses, but until the Spring temps start getting the water temps up, catching most of these kind of fish is just a fluke and an effort in patience.   Catfish probably get slower, but wouldn't change up on their eating habits.  I'd stick w/ the typical smelly baits, chicken livers etc.   I also like to take shrimp, set them out and let them get nice and stinky and put them on a circle hook for cat.   

Other types of fish may suit you better.   Trout love the cold water, you can work them in the fall.  Your typical summer patterns may not serve well, but the anything that mimics a bait fish should work.   

I see your in WI.   Maybe the state regs can clue you in on what is best for this time of year.   

Most seasons run together, give or take a couple weeks. I did get a trout stamp this year, and I have yet to fish them. I think I'll give it a shot. I've never been good at trout, though, picky little buggers.


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