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Use for trapping in SHTF

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Probably can't use them in the city. It's good they can't garden there either, I mean, it is the city.

The Meat Trapper:
I'm a licensed trapper and do beaver removal work. Between hunting and trapping, I haven't bought red meat in over two years. Most people have no idea how much food is walking, swimming or flying by them daily.

Beaver, nutria, muskrat, squirrel, turtle and bobcat are all excellent to eat.

I like trapping because I can run dozens of sets at a time, whereas when I'm hunting I can only be in one place at a time. Here's a video of one check recently where I caught a couple beavers and a nice snapper in one morning:

Nice vid. Love to see some good trapline pics.

The sub-forum is a great idea.  As you point out, there has not been a lot of discussion of trapping on this forum.  But I think that there are a handful of trappers out there, and it would be good to give us a venue.

I have run a trapline for 2 seasons so far, and have no intentions of giving it up.  I have been trapping for fur, but am interested in the meat too.  However, my schedule has yet to work out so that I could harvest both (I tend to check my traps in the morning and skin in the evening-- the meat always turned by then).  But meat harvest remains an important goal of mine (figuring out how to pressure can raccoon is in my 13 Skills list!).  For me, it's a hobby really; though, I would like to maybe expand and make a part time gig out of it.  That won't be happening anytime soon since most of my time is occupied wrangling a couple of toddlers.

As for trapping as a SHTF prep, that is an interesting question.  You might consider learning trap tuning and repair, and keeping some spare traps and trap parts around.  On my line, the stuff which gets used up from year to year are baits and lures.  So I would think that learning how to make your own would be a valuable skill if you want to trap long term without systems of support.  And that is a whole nother skill set.  Very cool indeed, but complex.  Some ingredients for lures or baits you might need to keep a stock of, like essential oils or preservative.  Other ingredients, like glands, can be harvested as needed.

You might check out a podcast by Clint Locklear (professional trapper and prepper, aka Wolfer Nation on this forum) called Survivalist Prepper (  He has a few episodes specifically about how trapping is a valuable skill to know as a prepper.   They're a good listen.  He also has a regular trapping podcast too ( 

I have to echo Marshman's suggestion that you plug in with a local trapping organization.  The people I met at the local chapter of my state trapping organization really got me off to a great start.  You might try to find a local cell of the United Trappers of Kentucky ( they'll steer you right.

Adam s:
I personally believe trapping should be in everyone's preps, reason being you could set several traps, freeing up your time to be carrying out other duties. I definitely believe everyone should know how to do it. I'm in Australia and do a bit of trapping and I could set rabbit traps and know I will always at least catch one, also kangaroos are very easy to snare but unfortunately we are not allowed snares or many other traps just a select few thanks to our strict laws...


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