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Use for trapping in SHTF

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I have been slowly learning the art of trapping over the past year, and have developed the feeling that be able to run a trap line after the poop/blade collision would be a very good thing. Most people don't really eat off the trap line on a regular basis but I recently had a dish made with muskrat which was amazing. Also squirrels can be trapped, they are just not desirable for fur, as well as rabbits. The ability to pull fur out of the woods would obviously be beneficial, both financially either by selling or bartering, and as clothing option. Also the ability to control predators around your location.

But as I look around this site and others, I don't see very much mention of trapping. I have seen a little bit of talk about keeping a couple rat traps or some snare wire with your BOB, but not as a primary skill. So I just wanted to feel out everyone else and see where trapping lies in your preps, in your hobbies, or however it sits with you. Also, if they are some other trappers out there, maybe we could get a sub-board for it since hunting and fishing have their own. Also if you are prepping or trapping, what gear do you store, what kind of traps do you have etc.?

It is something that I am learning.

I think of it as a great way to get game without having to fire a shot. Quiet is good.

Seeing as how you're in Kentucky have you looked up the Fur Taker's Association chapter in your area? They are a fantastic resource and are an excellent way for beginners to get started.
Trapping and prepping seem to go hand in hand but very few people seem to consider it, at least using modern equipment.
That being said, I've been trapping since I was a kid and that was longer ago than I care to think of.
A trapping subforum would be an interesting idea, at least it would pull together some of the random postings that have popped up occasionally.
If anyone is interested I could try and post some links to a few resources that would probably be useful for beginners.

Trapping sucks, nobody should even do it, even if SHTF. 

Just move to the city and let the govt take care of you. Furs are overrated anyway. 8)

 About a year ago, I started messing with rat traps for squirrels. So far, they have worked GREAT. I just drill holes in them, attach to a tree with paracord, and bait with peanut butter.

 I recently saw a Dave Canterbury video on using connibear traps. I haven't touched any since probably Jr High school when my dad stopped trapping, but I'm going to give them a try when I get the chance.


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