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Remember, Morse code like any other learning must be assimilated into long term memory, we have no real control over that function except to keep repeating lessons that become part of long term memory, just like driving a car, after a long time you drive without thinking every little driving related move.

It is true that learnng Morse code as music is a better method, Morse code is a language like any other language, you listen for words, not letters.


My two cents worth as someone still learning the basics.  Most important lesson for me was to start copying at 30CPM Farnsworth.  I found myself counting even at 20WPM.

This looks like a great thread to post this question too although it is a little old.

I am a new HAM just got my Tech and General in July, Actually took test on field day.  I am assuming that CW and I will not get along.  Here is why.
1) Calling my spelling poor is a complement. 
2) My typing is even worse.
3) I am Dyslectic and have failed to learn another language even while in country for 2 years.

At this point when I listen to CW I rarely hear 2 tones.  Even counting will be difficult.  Is there a method that is likely to work for someone like me?


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