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Goatdog's Project 505

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Sister Wolf:
This is AWESOME so far.  Thanks for posting it.

I got rid of the stock stereo and added the Kenwood DNX 5140. It has a Garmin with traffic notification (my favorite GPS system), Bluetooth, DVD, CD, full iPod compatability including video, rear view camera, USB, AM/FM, and a bunch of stuff i may never use.

Garmin. My Yorktown cottage.

The phone is one of my favorite parts of the entire system. I tell it to dial whoever and it pauses anything else it is doing, dials, connects, and I talk without touching a thing (I can if I want to, but not necessary). It detects the phone in my pocket and I never have to fish it out. When we hang up, it unpauses and I listen to more Jack Spirko.

 It also is compatible with the rear seat DVD/game system in the back. Doubt I ever need it, but the kids sure as hell enjoyed it.


I added another 12 volt that stays hot with the key off. Can't have too many of these. I think I'm up to five now.

I cut a shelf out of 3/4 inch plywood to even the floor where the middle bench was. I originally made a cardboard template to make sure i didn't screw it up.

I covered it with carpet that was 3M'd and staple gunned. I test fitted it. It looked pretty good and now my floor was even across its entire length (over 7').

Next, I bought a heavy duty truck bed mat and used the rear floormat and my newly-cut plywood insert to trace a template out on it. I used a silver Sharpie marker that is designed to write on dark surfaces.

I cut it with a new razor knife and made careful cutouts for the 4 tiedowns and rear seat mounts. This would allow me to keep all the capability it came with. The rubber mat helps protect the original carpet, deadens noises, and stops stuff from sliding back there.

I remounted one of the rear third row jump seats. It fit well and the leg room is limo-like. I love that, in 2 minutes, I can go from a two seat cargo vehicle with a 7 foot secure bed to a four seater.By flipping them up I retain most of the load capacity. In 20 minutes I can pull the insert out and bolt in the middle bench and have seven passenger seating again. So far, nothing isn't easily reversed back to stock.

I added Iggee seat covers. They match perfectly. I still have to tie and strap them in per the instructions, but they fit pretty good without that already. Very pleased.

Under the subfloor insert i built, I have the four ammo cans with recovery items, a small dome tent, a 4 season sleeping bag, and a few other items. I still have room for a 48" Hi-Lift Jack, the Come-Along, my M1 Carbine and several hundred rounds.

The Auto Ordnance M1 Carbine Tactical. I added a rail and have a red dot for it, but the irons work so well I just can't bring myself to put it on. Great shooting and very light rifle. This is not a WWII/Korea gun, it is a brand new production of one with a modern synthetic stock (Choate folding).

I now think I have a good "blank canvas" where I can really start to use my imagination.

I stole this truck from my wife less than a month ago. Everything you see that I added/changed was done in that month. This was not easy as i was on an "away" for some time there also. But, when i get my head into a project i just can't stop.

I took it to the Outer Banks (Frisco NPS) a couple weeks ago. here is the write up of that trip (just a copy of the email i sent to my family);

  I took a break this weekend and headed to the Outer Banks, more specifically, Frisco National Park in Cape Hatteras NC. It rained hard all Friday night, but I did get my camp set up between showers. It was a nice spot between some sand dunes at the very back of the park. No one else was anywhere near me. On the way down from Kitty Hawk I began craving seafood but couldn't stop to eat because of encroaching nightfall and bad weather. On impulse, I stopped at a fresh seafood market and picked myself out the best looking piece of swordfish I could find. After setting up camp somewhat, I was starving. I started the coals and threw the fish on with some mango lime sauce, flashes of lightning threatening to zap me or my fish. Either one would piss me off. I didn't know how long to cook it, but when I felt things were right, I pulled it off. It was the best piece of fish I've ever had! It melted in my mouth. The stars came out in a circle just above my head and I gazed skyward as I literally gulped that poor fish. He needs to know his sacrifice was not in vain. I chased it down with a Corona as I listened to the next thunderstorm roll in. It pounded the tent and I felt like the last soul in the world as flashes lit the sky and the wind whipped at the fabric. It was almost like being at sea without the vomiting. The wind forced the water into the zippers. I wasn't dry and the humidity finished making sure I was wet. I slept fitfully as the kerosene lantern rocked back and forth creating shadows that startled me more than once.
   I awoke to the sound of the surf. It was cloudy out but I made some coffee and debated ending my trip right then and there. As if to answer, God sent a shaft of light right onto my tent. I decided to stay. I packed me a little ditty bag for the beach and hiked down the boardwalk. The gnarly growth stunted trees, ravaged by the salt air, created a covered path along the weathered wooden planks that led to the dunes. The post-storm surf was loud and angry looking. Few people were visible as far as my old eyes could see. There were no visible structures save the famous Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, at 208 feet it was hard to miss, even though it was almost ten miles distant. I set up the chair and immediately jumped into the maelstrom, even at low tide it was powerful. The surf was strong but invigorating. The sky was in turmoil all day. The sun remained over the sea and the dark boiling clouds stayed just off the beach. Each feinting towards the other like a supernatural battle between ancient Greek gods.
   Eventually, after a couple hours, people decided to come out and the beach began to fill with sunseekers and 4WD trucks. I wanted to drive on the beach myself and went back and grabbed the 4Runner. Even though the signs said to lower my tire pressure to 20 or less, I went with 30. I have spent years driving in the sands of the various places on this earth and knew I could always lower it more if I needed. I shifted into 4LO and locked the differential. The truck came alive. Like it wanted to play, but I restrained myself,barely. It felt almost visceral, Modern Machine v. Mother Nature. It was a draw. Eventually I parked and went swimming at least three more times, enjoying more lime laced Coronas between my otter-like frolics. I watched the tide reach its zenith and start regressing in the never-ending cycle.
   Alas, it came to pass that the sun dropped a little lower. I had used some suntan lotion earlier but my frequent swims must have scrubbed it off. I burned...badly. I didn't care, still don't, though I look like a lobster and feel like a recently boiled one.
   I went back and ruined a steak on the grill. When it was good and dark, I returned to the beach and stared at the stars. I think I could see every one of them. No moon and no light pollution makes for a dynamic nightime sky. Cassiopeia confirmed Polaris and I confirmed my relative insignificance in the overall scheme of things. Finally I returned to the tent, and this time I was able to just use the tent screens and enjoyed the sea breeze blowing across my recently toasted carcass. About 4am the rain began again, but I didn't care. I slept like the dead as water dripped on me here and there.
   When I packed up in the morning I was thankful that I'd had these two days and was sad to drive away.

I burned some that day.

I have a whole lot more to post and a lot more project to go yet. Have to take off friday for a week but I'll keep you guys posted.


Copyright 1972:
Great build Goatdog!  You picked a great platform to start with!

Two suggestions for your build:

1) ARB air lockers to give you instant TRUE 4 wheel drive at the touch of a button.  This is kind of a permanent ( ie, expensive to remove ) mod, but if you ever need it, and don't have it, you'll wish you had it ( did that make sense?  ???  ) this might be a good time to re-gear your axles depending on how tall you go in the tire dept.

2) An ARB ( or equivalent ) all steel bumper front, and rear with D-rings, and the works.  The kind of bumpers you can use to push your way through stuff, or use in combination with your high-lift jack to lift your truck up.

Just my $.02

Good luck with yer' build!


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