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Unless you have a waterproofed engine (some diesels qualify) then the snorkel is of limited utility (and makes the air-intake pathway longer).  The other use for them is for vehicles that operate in dusty environments and in convoy - the amount of dust ingested in long off-road trips can be enough to clog air filters.  That's the only reason I have one (here in SoCal most off-roading is in the desert).

I would love to have a diesel Toyota Hi-Lux with a snorkel though - pretty much indestructible, but also Unobtanium here in the U.S.

Interested to see your progress on the trailer, GoatDog.  Stay safe.


Hey Goatdog Im looking to get a Yakima Megawarrior and was curious if you tried out any of the accessories on your loadwarrior such as the Hi-lift attachment.

Nice Rig!


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