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I need to get fit...Doc ordered Weight Watchers

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--- Quote from: MikeMartin on February 19, 2009, 04:27:09 PM ---I say

Screw Weight Watchers!

1.  Walk
2.  Walk more
3.  Go low carb
4.  It will take care of itself

--- End quote ---
Shows what little you know about weight watchers and losing/keeping weight off.

If you want to discuss this, please feel free to run with it, but be prepared to learn something new compared to your current view on dieting.

First hi all just a lurker coming out of the shadows.  ;D  Why did he/she recommend weight watchers specifically? Mine has been careful not to recommend a specific program. I have been yo-yoing up and down for more than a year and getting worried. My family history is not good dad and grandfather died at 49 and 50 respectively. So i thing its time to quite kidding my self but what are the meetings like? Any help would be appreciated. :)

He recommended Weight Watchers because it teaches portion control as well as concentrates on the right types of foods to eat.  I have lost about 40 lbs so far, I still have a ways to go, but I have also started going to the gym as well.  Hopefully it will continue to fall off.  I really do not think I will make what is my "ideal" weight, it is really unrealistic.  I will however make it to the weight goal my doctor has recommended.  Where do they get those ideal weight charts anyway, very few real people have those body types...according to the charts, many years ago I was still 20lbs over weight, yet I had less than 4% body fat (checked with calipers...).  My doctor wants me within 10 of what I weighed then.  I can whole-heartedly recommend them, it has worked for me.

Heavy G:

--- Quote from: wbo3 on February 21, 2009, 06:02:11 PM ---
I have also started going to the gym as well. 

--- End quote ---


The gym, even a little of it, is absolutely key.  I started going about 10 years ago when I was 40 pounds heavier.  5 minutes on the elliptical machine winded me.  Now it's 45 minutes of elliptical and 45 minutes of weights three times a week. 

I mentioned in a previous post all the good things that come from exercising but I'd like to emphasize one: I sleep SOOOO much better now.  I missed a work out last week and didn't sleep that well that night.  Then I worked out and slept like a baby.  A direct cause and effect relationship.

Here's how great working out has made me feel: I seriously wonder in a SHTF scenario if I'll get enough exercise.  It's part of my planning.  I guess I'll be battling zombies so that'll be a good work out.  But if I have to bug in during a pandemic, I'll be doing weight training with ammo cans.

Went to the doctor again, finally.  I have lost over 40 lbs now.  He is starting to pull me off of my medications as well since I lost all this weight.  I still have another 40 lbs to go to get to where he wants me, but when I go back in 2 months, he is going to actually take me off my blood pressure medication, which is the biggie.  He wants me to come off each one slowly, one by one, so hopefully by Christmas I will be completely medication free.  I celebrated by spending an hour on the exercise bike at the gym, followed my a little light weight lifting.  I can't start doing heavy weights yet, I am working on recovering from tennis elbow...and I have never played tennis.  I have a good friend who competes as a body builder, I worked out with him several years ago before I got so fat, he is going to be helping me with the weight aspect of my fitness, and I am about light enough to get back on my road bike.

It is absolutely amazing to me how well Weight Watchers works.  If any of you are thinking about it, stop thinking.  Do it.  Yesterday.  I already feel so much better than I have in the last several years, I can't wait to see how I feel when I get on down.


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