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I need to get fit...Doc ordered Weight Watchers

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Ok, my doctor told me this week I need to start going to weight watchers meetings.  I am apparently too fat for my own good. (5' 8"; 260 lbs)  Does anyone have any experience with them, and what can I expect.  I am going to try to go to the center and get signed up, but I am a little on the nervous side.  It seems like I am an alcoholic on my way to my first AA meeting: I know it will probably help, but I don't like the idea of admitting I have a problem.

Maybe if I lose enough weight instead of having 3 months of food in the house, it would magically become 6 months...I am sure I eat at least double what I need.

Did he order it for High cholesterol or blood pressure?  Or just that  your overweight? usually all three go together but there are those out there who can be as big as a house and have nothing wrong with them other than carrying the weight other another person in their ass.

Either way, you won't do well unless you think you are too big for your own good.  I would also see if there is any Dean Ornish groups in your area. 

Good luck to you and the goals you set.

Heavy G:
I don't have a specific answer for you about Weight Watchers.  But I have some first hand knowledge of the overal situation.

Exercise.  Even light exercise.  I know, I know "that's what every one says."  I'm telling you, it worked on me. 

I started at 5 minutes once a week and thought I would die.  Now it's two hours three times a week.  I feel like a slug if I miss a work out. 

Key is making adjustments in your schedule so you have five minutes once a week.  Sounds funny, but seriously.  And having time to eat decent food.  Trust me: you'll feel better.  You'll live longer.

Oh, yeah, and the best part: your woman will ultra dig it.  I'll just leave it at that.  Now THAT makes it worth it.

Biggest thing I've noticed about my wife being on WW is that you have to watch what you put in your mouth.  It's not about the food, it's about accountability for your actions.  When you write down what you've eaten, is suddenly becomes relevant.  Not knowing how much you eat is usually where you go wrong.  Once you know where you're getting the calories, once you understand that's the problem, it's simply a matter of setting goals, getting reinforcement and sticking to it.  Ignore the "journaling" or documenting what you eat, and you don't move much if at all.

She's (my wife) gone from 196 to 146 the first time, and from 170 to 146 the second. She wasn't happy with herself after the first time.  A bit of counseling and positive reinforcement put her back on track, and she's held 146 for over a year.

First time I set her a reward: You get into loose size 8's, you can have a $1000 shopping spree at your favorite clothing store.  I figured my $1000 would be safe, so I didn't start saving the money.  Once I saw her coming home from WW with goals and setpoints being met, I started saving profusely!  She hit it, got into loose 8's (I might say they looked pretty nice on her ;)) and for a while was very happy with herself.  She quit watching what she was eating, quit attending the meetings (don't just go to weigh in, stay for the meetings if they have them) got depressed, ate, depressed ate....then she couldn't fit into her brand new wardrobe and got more depressed.  Poof, depression over, more support from family members and a close friend who was going as well, and was back on track.  She's setting at 144-146, depending on the day.  Her goal is 140, but she's not pushing towards it, rather letting it come to her.  She still watches what she eats, and documents it. 

Best of luck.  It IS possible to lose weight.  It IS possible to feel good while doing it.  What is IMPOSSIBLE is doing it overnight.  It's going to take some time, so don't get depressed when you wake up tomorrow and you're not in 32x32 and shirt off at the beach fit.  You didn't get there overnight, don't expect to lose it overnight. If you need "help", ask the folks at WW.  That's what you're paying them for....and that's what they're there for.

Good Luck, and we hope to see less of you next time ;D

Start slow. Walking is more than likely best. Start with a length of time that is easy for you. Ten minutes, 15 minutes whatever feels right for you. In a week or so add 5 minutes. when you get to half an hour start to add different exercises. The internet has hundreds of exercise programs. Too many people jackrabbit right away and wind up stiff and sore for a week or so and kills any thought of exercise. I walk and do a kettlebell workout. I eased into both. I like to say it took me years to get out of shape, there is no quick way to get back into shape.


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