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Changes coming for the politics boards

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Mr. Bill:
We're going to try an experiment, to fix a problem with our politics boards.

("What politics boards?", you ask.  Ah, you must be new around here, or you haven't made many posts yet.  When you reach a certain top-secret postcount, you'll get access to our politics boards.)

Anyway, the problem is:
* Some of you love political arguments.
* Many of you HATE political arguments, but you still want to keep up on political news that might affect you.
So, we're going to try this:

* There will be one board called Political Discussion.  It will contain all the topics that are currently in Patriotism and the New Revolution and Day to Day Political News.  Moderation will be fairly light, so you can argue about each other's ideas all you want.  However, we will still require adherence to the basic forum rules: no personal attacks, no bigotry, no advocation of illegal acts, etc.
* There will also be a new board called Political News.  This is for news reoprts only -- no discussions, no opinions, no editorials, no tinfoil.  It will be stringently moderated.
We hope this will make it easier for all our members to get what they want and need out of The Survival Podcast Forum.

I plan to set this up on Thursday or Friday.  Also, expect a short downtime: I'll be locking the forum for about 5 minutes while I backup the database and merge the two existing politics boards.  I'll post another announcement an hour or two before I do this.

Morning Sunshine:
I think you have covered my feelings exactly Mr. Bill.  Thank you

CPT Morgan:
I love the post I just read from Jack on the TSP Facebook page.  He definitely doesn't protect the snowflakes there. 

"Note if you bitch about the posts in this group, we will ban you from it and solve your problems, that is all.  There are no fucking safe spaces in this group, suck it up buttercup or we will fix your issue for you..  Mods you have your marching orders."
~ Jack Spirko

Mr. Bill:
Yup, that's a Facebook Group, which is fundamentally different from a forum.

Please read what Jack had to say about this forum: Getting Along in the Forum

The fact is, there are only about a dozen people who are still regularly participating in our political discussion boards.  We're making these changes so that the forum will be more useful to more members.

Sounds good!


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