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Short outage Sunday 11/27/16 for server reboot

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Mr. Bill:
It's time for an operating system update on both of Jack's dedicated servers.  This will happen around 11AM-12noon(ish) on Sunday 11/27.  Expect a several-minute outage on all of Jack's websites (including this one).

woohoo! more fun!!!

The main tsp server is only up for 179 days since the ISP had a power issue.
The other server has been up for 849 days...
gotta love Linux!

or not, the uk server has disk issues. damn.

Gonna try again this Sunday, 12/4/2016 @ 11am pdt.
The bad drive on the UK server was hot swapped and should be good to go.

Mr. Bill:

--- Quote from: archer on December 02, 2016, 09:33:53 AM ---Gonna try again this Sunday, 12/4/2016 @ 11am pdt.

--- End quote ---

Done!  Only took forever.


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