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POLL: What to do with "Current active shooter thread"?

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Morning Sunshine:
I like Nkawtg's suggestion.  US active shooters seem to be different from international incidents in motive, method and shooter.

as for the discussion that follows.... I like Smurf's idea


--- Quote from: Smurf Hunter on July 22, 2016, 01:43:54 PM --- have strict policy against side discussions. [/b] Links to commentary threads would be fine, but don't write a paragraph about "how the world sucks"  in the middle of a play-by-play news feed.

God forbid another 9/11 attack happened, but using shooters.  We might want to revisit that in the future, and having a chronological, and accurate record of posts may be of value.  Several times we've seen news outlets revise their headlines, and this is a subject of conspiracy theories at times.

--- End quote ---

I think it should stay as it is, but I might be biased as I started the OP.

1. If it is a sidetracking discussion on it, make a new thread and link the new thread to the  CURRENT ACTIVE SHOOTER thread..
2. I know as CNN (Cedar Network News), I would go insane trying to keep track of multiple threads, which is why I made this one in the first place.
3. If something major like another 9-11 happened, like Ferguson and a couple others, I believe I did make their own threads. Something like 9-11 again I would make a comment on CURRENT ACTIVE SHOOTER thread and a link to the new thread.
4. Originally I had intended for it to be USA only current event type shootings, but I was/am OK with international events as well.

Lately there has been alot of discussion on the thread instead of the fact/to the second news type stuff. It is difficult for me to get to a real computer, so if I see the CURRENT ACTIVE SHOOTER thread is new.. it takes me trial and frustration to open the thread on my cell, and it is not a current event (which I AM happy about), but found myself starting to ignore it as it was chatter, which is also not good.


Since voted "none of the above":

If it were up to me, I would keep the original thread going, restrict it to updates on current active shootings/terror attacks and, which I know can't be prevented but then someone can remove off topic posts either to a discussion thread for an individual attack, or simply deleted, depending on its substantive value.

Most of is who are interested in getting updates have already posted in it, so it shows up for us when we hit "replies".

So from here on out, if someone updates the thread they post about the new incident. Anyone who wants to discuss more that simple news updates can create a new thread for discussion and post a link to the discussion thread. Then that can be the "official" discussion thread for that incident.

Mods can go back and remove old non-news posts, shortening the overall thread.

That's my thought anyway.

So discipline. To post breaking stuff about a situation and some timely development to the story.

Deep dives into the situation, link diagrams of terrorist groups, woulda coulda shouldas, stories of individual victims and such...people can start a dedicated thread.  We were doing that already, just need to refocus.


--- Quote from: Chemsoldier on July 23, 2016, 06:17:39 AM ---We were doing that already, just need to refocus.

--- End quote ---




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