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POLL: What to do with "Current active shooter thread"?

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Mr. Bill:
Current active shooter thread

This thread is a mess.  Umpteen topics, sometimes overlapping if multiple events are occurring, and lots of discussion that isn't directly related to a current emergency.

Can we make this more useful?  How do you use this thread?  What would you like to see?

David in MN:
You're right  and I'm as guilty as any. I like thread for the rapidity of it and I'd like to keep it so when I see it I can get timely info if my area is effected.

I think it's natural for some drift in this topic as events seem to be correlated and broader philosophies are applied. But I appreciate the desire to keep this thread clean.

Smurf Hunter:
Hindsight is 20/20.

Here's a scenario:

There are coordinated attacks in different locations at roughly the same time.  Initially each might be thought a separate incident until obvious patterns are known (type of attack, similar targets, etc.).

So the problem there, is you need to someone link or combine multiple threads.

I think the most practical thing to do is have a single ever-appending thread, but have strict policy against side discussions. Links to commentary threads would be fine, but don't write a paragraph about "how the world sucks"  in the middle of a play-by-play news feed.

God forbid another 9/11 attack happened, but using shooters.  We might want to revisit that in the future, and having a chronological, and accurate record of posts may be of value.  Several times we've seen news outlets revise their headlines, and this is a subject of conspiracy theories at times.

Smurf Hunter:
Case in point  - this just happened:

Sky NewsVerified account ‏@SkyNews  2h2 hours ago
Reports of a second shooting at Marienplatz station #Munich

If we had started a "shooting in Munich Mall"  thread, would we add this there or make a fresh one?  It's near impossible to know at the time, so I think some flexibility is warranted.

I'd like to restrict the active shooter thread to "US" incidences only. International events should get their own thread.


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